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To make people speak with an open mind.
From an honest heart and with an attitude free from stereotypes.
To get people to understand the core value of active listening.

"Just because it's been said - it doesn't mean that it's been heard"
"Just because it's been heard - it doesn't mean that it´s been understood"
"Just because it's been understood - it doesn't mean that it's been accepted"
"Just because it's been accepted - it is still no guarantee that it will be done"

My experience working with different cultures from all over the world and my appointment and education as "Change Agent" has introduced me to plenty of challenges trying to make people "sing in stead of shout".

I have learned that the key to solve any problem solely lies among the people involved. No one has ever succeeded in the long term bringing people together in smooth harmony without securing that everyone shared the feeling of being a vital part of the solution engaging and contributing to define the best practice.

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