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Arp-Hansen Hotel Group

Jacob Brammer

“During our collaborations on the Japanese and Asian markets I have come to know Henning as a goal oriented and extremely creative sales & marketing person. Henning has this rare gift of being able to meet anyone, high or low, at their level and thus speed up the process of getting down to business. Something which is not less admirable considering the hierarchical and relation-build ways of doing business in Asia. Henning was a huge part of the successful position Copenhagen as a destination and us as hotel partners had on the Japanese market during his years at Wonderful Copenhagen. The fact that Henning is also a gifted musician with a cool personality only adds to the picture of a complete person who is an asset to anyone he might come to work for. I won't hesitate about giving Henning my best recommendations!”


Thomas Kastrup

“Through my responsibility for emerging markets with VisitDenmark I have come to know Henning Glarvig, at that time responsible for Russia with Wonderful Copenhagen, as a very good and close partner and together we have built up Denmark’s position as a travel destination on the Russian market.

Henning is a warm, reliable and very creative person who inspires his surroundings, work hard with focus on quality and always go for the best solution. He has a good overview, draws on his experience and creates innovative proposals and good results.

Among Danish as well as Russian business partners within the travel trade Henning is highly respected and known as a dedicated person. Henning is a fantastic host and representative for Copenhagen and his efforts as to promote the city as a travel destination combined with his hard and consistent work to generate results for commercial partners can only be described as outstanding.

It is my true hope that I will have the possibility to go into partnerships with Henning again sometime in the future. I can only give Henning my best recommendations and if you have any questions regarding him as a person or as a business partner you are more than welcome to contact me

TIVOLI Gardens

Bent Hadler

“My cooperation with Henning has been a fantastic experience. Always "sharp" and straight forward with the magic touch of a diplomat, is how I remember Henning. Great guy - my best recommendations for you.”

Choice Hotels Scandinavia A/S

Joachim Nordby

“Honest, ethical, genuine and not least rhetorically correct person. Henning Glarvig has been my "mentor" on some of these points and I thank him for that. I can only say that this man, has the clout and experience, many of us wish to achieve after a couple of years in business-life. I wouldn't hesitate a second to do business with Henning.”

Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators

Peer Kjær

“Henning is one of the most fun loving and at the same time serious business colleague”

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