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To help companies save cost and boost their efficiency.
To analyze and facilitate processes that needs to be improved and revised.

Quite often I find that people tend to stick to the "safe card" missing out on the ability to draw from an often rich and diverse bank of skills from in house staff.

The culture of any company is always defined by it's employees. Hence the need to involve the staff on all levels are imperative. Those who fail to draw from this vital source of know how will become "out of sync" with their customers eventually leading to a slow termination.

So the key word here is "Invite everyone to the table and listen to what they have to say"
That way, your way may unite with their way, resulting in a unison play.

Before you go any further ask yourself this: "Are you ready to implement empowerment now?" If so - it'll all come back strong-fold to you and your company.

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