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FAM trips, also known as familiarisation trips, offer the perfect platform to bring people to your venue to experience first-hand what is on offer. Think journalists, event organisers and PAs. In their own individual ways, the showcase element of a FAM trip is the ultimate vehicle for selling unique room and venue attributes, a building’s overall character and the expertise of the team behind the delivery. They’re looking for an experience that gives them a story to tell to their readers, clients and customers.
Before you plan your next FAM trip, remember these important tips:


  • Plan a detailed itinerary. Remember what you want your guests to experience and why.
  • Consider timings and the length of the event and stick to them.
  • Make sure your itinerary only includes activities and experiences that people in the future could actually do, so it is a true representation of the venue and its available services.
  • Consider who you would like to attend and how many you would like to attend. Think about the reason you are inviting these people and remember that quality is more important than quantity.
  • Create and distribute an ‘Order of Events’ itinerary prior to the event.
  • Let people know what they need to bring with them, e.g. swimsuit, wellies, camera.
  • Create a guest list for distribution and supply badges to everyone in attendance.
  • Ensure you have enough staff on duty and that they are well briefed.
  • Prepare thoughtful goodie bags that leave a positive, lasting impression.


  • Don’t forget the reason for inviting people to a FAM trip is to showcase your venue.
  • Don’t assume anything. Expect that your guests know nothing about the venue and make sure you cover even the most obvious details, e.g. facilities on offer, location, USPs.
  • Don’t forget about the little details. Give as much information as you can to guests prior to their visit in terms of directions, parking, where to go on arrival and dress code.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity. Coordinating FAM trips can be a challenge, so make the most of having engaged guests on site and grasp every opportunity to speak with your guests about their requirements, thoughts and concerns.
  • Don’t forget to follow up after the event. It is important you do not see the FAM trip as the end result of your hard work and planning. Make sure you contact each and every guest following the event and find out how you can help them moving forward.

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