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Glarvig PR & Consult boast from many years of experience in the field of planning, preparing and conducting familiarization trips also known as “famtrips”.

Sometimes we tend to focus solely on the things we wish to present to the participants. Of course this is very important, however before anyone can digest the many impressions, it is important to “ground” them in the scenery/location/culture.

In order to get your message across, you must ensure that you grab everyone’s attention. Once you succeed in doing so, the output in terms of the following utilization of the USP’s (products, places, suppliers etc.) will increase tremendously.

The keyword here is “Storytelling” – Think at the way our brain stores the billions of impressions that constantly bombards our eyes & ears.

Things we remember are things we imagine and store in pictures. That way we instantly recall instead of restore the things we’ve experienced.

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